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BEAUTRIUM is Thailand’s leading multi-beauty brand store. Our mission is to create an ultimate beauty experience from a variety range of products and unique beauty services in a stylish atmosphere.

BEAUTRIUM was found in 2012 by new generation, who believe in individual’s inner beauty, and has a strong passion to inspire everyone to outshine their charming personality and self-confidence. BEAUTRIUM offers customer with an extensive selection of hottest brands from all over the world through a wide range of product categories including makeup, perfume, skincare, body and hair care, in addition to BEAUTRIUM exclusive brands.

BEAUTRUIM is not only just a store to fulfill customer with wide-ranging products, but BEAUTRIUM also creates excitement and professional beauty experience throughout exceptional beauty services. With our selective services, we pride ourselves to magically turn customer to a stunning looks by a friendly team.

Altogether, BEAUTRIUM is a one stop beauty destination for all beauty lovers.

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